केन्द्रीय आयुर्वेदीय विज्ञान अनुसंधान परिषद
आयुष मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार
मूलभूत अवधारणा
जीवनशैली प्रबन्‍धन
चिकित्सकीय दृष्टिकोण
अनुसंधान एवं विकास
शिक्षा एवं अभ्‍यास
लक्ष्य और उद्देश्य
आयुर्वेद में अनुसंधान
संगठनात्‍मक स्‍वरुप
सोवा रिग्पा-पांडुलिपियों की वर्णनात्मक सूची
आई ई सी एवं सम्प्रेषण
शासी निकाय
स्‍थायी वित्‍त समिति
वैज्ञानिक परामर्शदात्री समिति (आयु.)
वैज्ञानिक परामर्शक समूह (आयु.)
परिवाद समिति
आईपीआर- प्रकोष्‍ठ
महिला प्रकोष्‍ठ
नैदानिक अनुसंधान
औषधि पादप अनुसंधान – कृषि
औषधि मानकीकरण
भेषजगुण अनुसंधान
साहित्‍यि‍क अनुसंधान
आदिवासी स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य रक्षा अनुसंधान
सीसीआरएएस-संस्‍थान वार गतिविधियां
औषधि पादपों पर आधारित आंकड़े
सीसीआरएएस को प्राप्‍त पेंटेंट
पंचकर्म में मौलिक प्रशिक्षण एवं सुरक्षा निर्देश
जरा स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य रक्षा पर संहिता
जरा स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य रक्षा के लिए प्रशिक्षण मॉड्यूल
चयनित जरा रोग अवस्‍थाओं का आयुर्वेदिक उपचार
आयुर्वेद एवं सिद्ध के द्वारा चिकनगुनिया का उपचार
आधुनिक प्रकाशनों के साथ आयुर्वेद के एकीकरण पर व्यवहार्यता अध्ययन
नैदानिक अनुसंधान
साहित्यिक अनुसंधान
औषध अनुसंधान
वीडियो फिल्‍म
नागरिक चार्टर
सूचना का अधिकार अधिनि‍यम, 2005
जन सूचना अधिकारी, सीसीआरएएस
सूचना का अधिकार की वार्षिक विवरणी
सीसीआरएएस अनुसन्धान नीति
वार्षिक प्रतिवेदन
आईटी नीति
डाउनलोड फार्म

Citizen's Charter


No.61-65, Institutional Area, Opp ‘D’ Block, Janak Puri, New Delhi-110058
Tel: 28525831,28525852, 28525862, 28525883,28525897, 28520501
Fax: 011-28520748,
e-mail: dg-ccras@ nic.in /ccras_dir2@ nic.in
Website: www.ccras.nic.in

Ministry of AYUSH
Govt. of India
New Delhi





Central Council for Research inAyurvedic Science(CCRAS) is an apex body in India for undertaking, coordinating, aiding and promoting research in Ayurveda. The Council was established in March 1978 after reorganization of Central Council for Research in Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy (CCRIM&H). The Council carries out its activities through the network of research Institutes and centres functioning under its direct control and through a number of Units located in Universities/Institutes/Hospitals in different parts of the country.

Research activities of the Council include research on Clinical, Drug, Family Welfare, Literary, Nutraceutical, Ayurvedic Cosmetics & Bio-medical Instrumentation of Panchkarma etc. At present 31 research Institutes/ Centres/ Units are functioning. Their address list and activities are annexed. (Please see Annexure-I).

The Council has also undertaken collaborative research work with many premier institutions (Please see Annexure-II)

Apart from these, the Council is conducting some important research activities in various fields. (Please see Annexure-III)




The Mission


The Council adopts a mission to meet the research needs of India in Ayurveda Systems of Medicine and constantly strive for excellence and global leadership in the field of diagnosis, prevention and management of diseases through state of art research activities.


The Vision


In due appreciation of emerging health scenario and requirement of Ayurveda Systems of Medicine, CCRAS enunciates following vision statement for 2020.



  • The Council will focus research on important diseases to find out feasible solutions through Ayurveda Systems of Medicine.
  • We will promote Ayurveda in India and abroad.
  • The Council will remain dutiful, disciplined and efficient.
  • We will treat all stakeholders with respect and due courtesy.
  • Our staff will be helpful and supportive.
  • We will promptly attain enquiries related to Ayurveda .
  • We will provide state of art treatment facilities to patients coming to our OPD & IPD.




  • The Council will focus research on important diseases to find out feasible solutions through Ayurveda Systems of Medicine.
  • We will promote Ayurveda in India and abroad.
  • The Council will remain dutiful, disciplined and efficient.
  • We will treat all stakeholders with respect and due courtesy.
  • Our staff will be helpful and supportive.
  • We will promptly attain enquiries related to Ayurveda research.
  • We will provide state of art treatment facilities to patients coming to our OPD & IPD.






  • To formulate research Programme and projection in Ayurveda in a scientific manner.
  • To undertake scientific research in Ayurveda & Siddha in a time bound and cost-effective manner.
  • To coordinate, aid, promote and collaborate research with different units of CCRAS and other sister Councils/Organizations.
  • To print, publish and exhibit research achievements/articles/research journals to propagate research outcomes for other stakeholders.
  • To provide consultancy services for research projects/drug development.
  • To modernize equipments used in Ayurveda in collaboration with other technical organizations.




The research Programme under this Council may be broadly categorized into Clinical Research including Health Care Research, Drug Research including Medico-Ethno-Botanical Survey Programme, Cultivation of Medicinal Plants, Musk Deer Breeding Programme, Pharmacognosy Research Studies, Plant Tissue Culture, Drug Standardization, Pharmacological/Toxicological studies, Family Welfare Research (Clinical and Experimental), Reproductive and Child Health Care Research, Amchi Research Programme, Literary Research along with Documentation and Publication. 

Clinical Research activities of the Council in the past 3 decades have resulted into the evolution of drugs/formulations like Ayush-64 for Malaria, Ayush-56 for Epilepsy, Ayush-82 for Diabetes mellitus, 777 Oil for Psoriasis, Poonimilai chendooram for Leucoderma and Pippalyadi Yoga – as an oral contraceptive.

Efficacy of other drugs like various Guggulu preparations for Medoroga, Mandookparni for mental retardation, Katuki for liver disorders. Besides, specialized treatment procedures like Panchkarma therapy for the treatment of various neurological disorders, Amasaya Sodhan Chikitsa for acid-peptic disorders and Para surgical techniques; Kshar Sutra Chikitsa for the treatment of fistula-in-ano and ano-rectal diseases, Jalauka (Leech application) in various skin diseases, eye diseases etc. have been successfully demonstrated.

The Council has developed formulations for thirty diseases, which includes national and global priority diseases to carry out clinical research (Please see Annexure-IV).

Under drug research, more than 1,20,000 plant specimen along with 3,000 museum drug samples of plant, mineral and animal origin and 5,000 plant based folk medicines have been collected. Pharmacognostic investigations on about 175 important Ayurvedic/Siddha medicinal plants/drugs have been completed so far.

About 500 single drugs along with 50 formulations have been standardized with reference to Physico-chemical values and rapid analytical values for about 675 formulations have been worked out. Chemical studies on 300 drugs used in Ayurveda systems of Medicine have been completed.

The Council has published about 100 books/monographs and is also bringing out quarterly Journals – “Journal of Research in Ayurveda ”, “Bulletin of Medico-Ethno-Botanical Research” and “Bulletin of Indian Institute of History of Medicine” (bi-annual) besides a Newsletter to appraise the scientific community about the research and other activities of the Council (For details visit out website www.ccras.nic.in)

The Council has obtained 15 process patents, 4 patents for drugs. Apart from these, 12 patents have been filed for granting patents (Please see Annexure-V)





Patient consultancy services:-

The Council provides free treatment, investigation facility and medicines to the patients included in Council’s research projects in OPD and IPD and also provides consultation, investigations and medicines on nominal charges to the general patients through its Institutes/Centres/Units spread all over the country (Please see Annexure-VI)

Special Therapy Services:-

The Council is providing free Panchkarma treatment (five fold cleansing methods through Ayurveda) and minimal invasive Para surgical approaches like Ksharsutra for Anorectal disorders and Leech application for various surgical and non-surgical problems to the patients of Research Projects and on nominal charges to general patients (Please see Annexure-VI).

Research Consultancy Services:-

The Council is providing consultancy services on various areas of Research like Clinical, Drug Research etc. to other organizations, individuals and industries.

Short-term Training courses:

Council is conducting short-term training courses on local survey and collection of medicinal plants/folk claims along with tissue culture, drug standardization and Pharmacognosy on the basis of nominal charges.

Training on Panchkarma Therapy:-

The Council is conducting training courses for doctors and technicians on Panchkarma therapy on the basis of nominal charges.

Library Services:-

The Council is maintaining Libraries at various Institutes and a Museum at Indian Institute of History of Medicine, Hyderabad for providing information and assistance on the issues related to manuscripts/rare books etc. The Council’s Library at H.Q. Office has over 11,500 books of Ayurveda, Siddha and modern medicine. It also contributes to a number of scientific journals/periodicals.

Publications and Sales:-

There is a Publication Division for publication and sale of Council’s research related publications and other health related publications useful to the common public. (For details visit out website www.ccras.nic.in)

Financial Assistance:-

The Council is extending financial assistance to Ayurveda organizations, individuals and industries through Extra- Mural Research(EMR) Projects for the development of Ayurveda and the Council is also providing financial assistance to M.D. and Ph.D. Scholars of Ayurveda as contingent grant (For details visit our website www.ccras.nic.in


A Central Herbarium & Museum is also maintained at the H.Q.Office showing the research activities of the Council.




Council intends to review the Citizen’s Charter periodically.




The complaints and grievances may be addressed to:-


Dy. Director (Technical),
Central Council for Research in Ayurveda, 
No.61-65, Institutional Area,
Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058, 
Phone No.28522010, Fax No. 28520748
E-mail: ccras_tec@nic.in
Visit our Website: www.ccras.nic.in

For further information, please contact:

Director General,
Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Science,
No.61-65, Institutional Area,
Janakpuri, New Delhi – 110058
Tel. No. 28525520, 28524457, Fax No. 28520748
E-mail: dg-ccras@nic.in/ccras_dir2@nic.in
Visit our Website: www.ccras.nic.in


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