Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India
Clinical Research Studies



Name of Publication


      1 Aetio-pathogenesis and Treatment of Timira with Saptamrta Lauha and Mahatriphala Ghrita (E)
     2 Ayurvedic Drugs in the Management of Cancer (E)
     3  Ayurvedic Management of Arsha (Haemorrhoids) - English
     4  Ayurvedic Management of Unmada (Schizophrenia) - English
     5  Ayush-56 An Ayurvedic Anti-Epileptic Drug (1st Edition)
     6  Ayush-64 A New Anti-Malarial Herbal Compound (English)
     7 Clinical & Experimental Studies on Rasayana Drugs & Panchakarma Therapy (English)
     8 Clinical and Experimental Studies on Thamira Chenduram, A Siddha Preparation, on Vali Gunmam. (Peptic Ulcer) (English)
     9 Clinical and Experimental Studies on the Efficacy of ‘777’ oil a Siddha Preparation in the Treatment of Kalanjagapadai (Psoriasis) (English)
     10 Clinical and Experimental Trial of Guggulu in Medo-Roga - English
     11 Clinical Studies of Certain Ayurvedic Formulations in the Management of Vyanabala Vaisamya (Essential Hypertension)
     12  Clinical Studies of Certain Ayurvedic Formulations in the management of Paraplegia (Pangu)
     13  Clinical Studies of Certain Ayurvedic Formulations in the Management of Mutrashmari (Urolithiasis) Download
     14  Clinical Studies on Kamala (Jaundice) and yakrid Roga (Liver disorders) with Ayurvedic Drugs (English)
     15 Effect of Varuna (Crataeva Nurvala) in Enlarged Prostate, associated urinary disorders (English)
     16  Management of Bhagandara (Fistula-in-Ano) with Kshara-Sutra (English)
     17  Management of Hemiplegia by Panchakarma & Shamana Therapy (English)
     18 Management of Khanja and Pangu (English)
     19  Management of Mutrasmari by Three Ayurvedic Drugs Varuna, Kulattha and Gokshuru (English)
     20  Parinamashula - A Report of Assessment of Classical Therapy (English)     
     21  Study of Health Statistics under  Mobile Clinical Research Programme-Ayurveda (English)
     22  Tamaka Shwasa (Bronchial Asthma)- A Clinical Study (English)
     23  Clinical Evaluation of Certain Ayurvedic Formulations in the Management of Mental Retardation (Manasa Mandata) Download
     24  Clinically Safety and Efficacy of Dhatri Lauha (A Classical Ayurvedic Formulation) in Iron Deficiency Anaemia (Pandu Roga) Download
     25  Reported Medical Practices on Prevention, Management of Vector Borne And Infectious Diseases Through Ayurveda and Siddha- A Technical report
     26 Management of Chikungunya Through Ayurveda and Siddha – A Technical Report
     27 A Practical Handbook of Panchkarma Procedures Download
     28 Ayurvedic Management of Common Disease Conditions, – Volume - 1 Download
     29 Evidence based Ayurvedic Practice Download in English        Download in hindi
     30 Good Clinical Practice Guidelines Download
     31 Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety of Panchkarma Download
     32 Report on Screening of Single Herbal drug Extracts for Potential Anti-Cancer Activity Download
     33 Clinical Research Protocols for Traditional Health Science Download