Concept of Rasayan and common Rasayana

Rasayana is one of the eight major disciplines of Ashtanga Ayurveda which deals with ‘Vayah Sthapana’ (which delays ageing process) that prolongs longevity of life, develops positive physical and mental health, develops resistance and immunity in the body to counteract the diseases and also helps in alleviating the senility and maintains youthfulness for a long time.

The famous verse from Atharwaveda "Jivema sharadah shatam” is also emphasizing the healthful longevity of Rasayana.

Based on purpose of administration various Rasayana are described in Ayurveda e.g. Medhya rasayana (promoter of intellect and mental health) is good for those, who are engaged in intellectual work like software developers, IT professionals, Teachers, Scientists etc. Anyone who wants to relax his mind, and attain concentration along with memory boost up should include medhya rasayana like Shankhapushpi,Yashtimadhu (Mulethi/ Liquorice root), Brahmi in daily regimen.

Those who wants to glow up their skin complexion should consume Sariva (Anantamul/ Indian Sarsaparilla), Manjishtha (Manjitha/Indian Maddar) and Haridra (Haldi/Turmeric) regularly; likewise Dadima (Anar/Pomegranate) and Kharjura (Khajur/dates) are good rasayana for improving the quality of blood;Amalaki(Amla/Emblic Myrobalan),Haritaki (Harad/ Myrobalan) are good rasayana for eyes.

Benefits of Rasayana:  

  • prevents graying of hair and hair fall
  • prevents wrinkling of skin
  • prevents ageing and diseases
  • maintains young age & body growth
  • maintains eyesight
  • vigor and vitality

Dr Mukesh B. Chincholikar