Download Form

  1. Proforma of Application Form for CL, CCL, EL
  2. Proforma of Application for Withdrawal from C.P.F/G.P.F
  3. Proforma of Application for Festival Advance
  4. Proforma for Issue for Pensioner Identity
  5. Proforma Application of Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance Fee
  6. Proforma of Requisition of Vehicle
  7. Proforma of Store Requisition
  8. Proforma of Application for Grant of Temporary Advance from the CCRAS Contribution
  9. Proforma of Application for Applying for L.T.C. For Home Town or Anywhere in INDIA  PDF Format    Word File  Word File
  10. Proforma for Joining Report
  11. Proforma for Life Certificate for Pensioner
  12. Proforma of Application for No Demand Certificate
  13. Proforma for Permission to Renew/Apply for Passport for Going Abroad
  14. Proforma for APAR Form
  15. Proforma for Bank Accounts detail of Members
  16. Medical Reimbursement Claim Form -     Serving Employees      Pensioner Beneficiaries
  17. Application for Child Care Leave
  18. Requistion for Hospitality for Meeting
  19. Application for TA Bill for Tour
  20. Form for Reimbursement of Local Conveyance
  21. National Pension System (NPS)- Subscriber Registration Form
  22. T.A. Bill (N.O.M/Expert/Participant)
  23. Form for NewsPaper Re-imbursement
  24. Form for CGHS Card for Serving Employees -      For New Card [  PDF Format  |  Word file  ]     ||    For Renewal
  25. Form for CGHS Card for Pensioners  -    For New Card    |  For Renewal
  26. Proforma for Addition/Deletion CGHS
  27. Proforma for eOffice Profile and New Email IDCreation
  28. Proforma for LTC
  29. Employee Code Generation Proforma
  30. Reporting of Absence from Headquarters on  ‘On Duty
  31. Air Ticket proforma
  32. Form for intimation of immovable/movable property issued by DOPT.
  33. Proforma of Tour Request