Advantages Of Abhyanga (External Snehana)

Abhyanga or External Oleation means application of unctuous material (with tila oil/various medicated oils/ghrita etc.) on the external surface of the body i.e. skin which softens and imparts luster to the skin and removes dryness from the body. The advantages of Abhyanga as per Ayurvedic texts are-

  • Abhyanga (massage) counteracts the aging process ( Jaraahara)
  • Abhyanga relaxes the tensile muscles thus helping in relaxation. (Shramahara)
  • As Abhyanga is done with Sneha Dravyas which pacifiy vata dosha (Vatahara).
  • Abhyanga improves quality of eye sight. (Drishti Prasadakara)
  • Abhyanga nourishes various body components (dhatu), producing pushti. (Pushtikara)
  • Abhyanga increases lifespan of individual. (Ayushyakara)
  • Abhyanga helps in inducing sound sleep. (Swapnakara)
  • Abhyanga makes skin intact and increases its healthy status. (Twak Dandhyakara)
  • Abhyanga induces strength in body, making it adaptive for tolerating all types of adverse conditions. (Klesha Sahatva)
  • Persons who regularly practice Abhyanga are not much affected by any sort of trauma. (Abhighata Sahatva)
  • Abhyanga removes the dirt, improves complexion of body and increases its strength. (Mrujavarna Balaprada)

Dr. Deepa Sharma