Oro-Dental Health (Dental Care) Through Ayurveda

Ayurveda recommends chewing small twigs of medicinal plants in morning as well as after every meal for oral hygiene. Ayurveda insists on the use of herbal brushes, approximately twelve Angula (9 inches) long and having the thickness of  little finger. People with dominance of Vata should use twigs with bitter, sweet or astringent tastes, such as Mulethi and Khair. Pitta Dosha dominant individuals should use twigs with bitter taste such as those from Neem and Arjun. Neem is an important herbal chewing stick with anti bacterial property which effectively helps in plaque control. Those with Kapha Dosha predominance having pale and hypertrophic gums should chew sticks with pungent taste, like latakaranj and madar. Gandusha is a procedure that involves swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. It may be used to prevent pyorrhea, gingivitis, odontitis, glossitis, stomatitis and bleeding gums etc. Best oil recommended for gandusha is Til taila. Doing Gandusha daily is a powerful technique to prevent many of the diseases of oral cavity.

Dr. Masram Pravin R