Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases- An Ayurveda Advocacy

Cardiovascular diseases have emerged as the major cause of morbidity and mortality representing 30% of all deaths worldwide. With rapid urbanization and emergence of stressful life styles, an epidemiological shift has occurred in the global scenario, where lifestyle diseases outrank infective diseases. A pragmatic and holistic approach can be said to be much effective in the prevention of such diseases. 

Ayurveda has given due consideration to the role of healthy diet, regimen and social conduct in the maintenance of Doshic equilibrium and health. Ayurveda has a broad concept on the use of shadrasa yukta ahara, practice of Ashtaahara Visesha Vidhi Visesha Ayatana( 8 rules governing diet in general)and has laid due emphasis on many factors such as Prakrti(physical cobnstitution), Dosha, Agni(digestive activity), Desha( area of residence), Kala( climatic factors) and Satmya(individual  adaptations), along with Achara Rasayana(moral code of conduct) which may be helpful in impeding the pathogenesis of life style diseases. Recognizing the importance of heart as a vital organ, life style modifications, stress reduction, avoidance of precipitating factors and strict adherence to Ayurvedic Pathya can pave a way to healthy heart. 

Our lifestyle is indicative of the behavioral patterns that has been gradually incorporated into our lives and can be translated in a manner that can halt the progress of a cardiac pathology or to revert to a better healthy state. To live a healthy life, means following a well balanced diet, staying physically and mentally fit, avoiding things that are not conducive to health and maintaining a positive attitude in general. 
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 Dr. Sophia Jameela