Pratimarsha Nasya

Nasyakarma is the name given to the procedure of administrating medicines through nasal route (trans-nasal medication) which is one among the important routes of drug administration in Ayurveda system of medicine. It is helpful in promotion of health, especially of sensory organs and is therapeutically indicated for the cleansing of supra-clavicular part of the body and also for palliation of diseases of head & neck and also for the management of many systemic diseases including endocrine disorders. Pratimarsha Nasya is a type of Nasyakarma which is indicated for daily practice and is helpful in prevention of diseases of head, neck, oral cavity and also respiratory disorders. Pratimarsha Nasya has many advantages such as having almost no contra-indications, done in a very low dose (2 drops), can be done on multiple occasions in a day and that it can be self administered.

Time for administration of Pratimarsha Nasya

Pratimarsha Nasya is indicated to be administered after leaving bed in morning; after brushing; before going outside; after walking, exercise or sexual intercourse; after urination, defecation or passing of flatus; after administration of procedures like Anjana, Kavala, Shiroabhyanga etc.; after meals; after sneezing; after day sleep; in the evening and after vomiting.

Methods of administration:-

  1. Lie down in supine position with head and neck low position; instil 2 drops of sesame oil (Tila Taila) in each nostril. Pinch the nose once and after releasing, suck the oil up. Spit the oil when it reaches the throat.
  2. In sitting or standing posture, dip the distal part of your little finger (up to distal skin crease) in Tila Taila and insert into one nostril while other is closed (pinched), insufflate the oil up while little finger is in nostril. Repeat the same for other nostril. Spit the oil when it reaches the throat.

This simple procedure of Pratimarsha Nasya keeps the sensory faculties healthy, prevents nasal respiratory allergies, improves eye health, delays greying of hairs, prevents deafness and strengthens the denture, neck and temporo-mandibular joints, face muscles, relieve fatigue and alleviates Vata Dosha.

            In today’s era of increasing atmospheric pollution, one of the most important Kala (time of administration) of Pratimarsha Nasya is “before going outside” which helps to prevent the effect of dust & fumes on respiratory tract.     

 To learn the procedure, please contact any registered Ayurveda physician.



Prof. Vd. K.S. Dhiman