Manage and prevent your Skin problems with Ayurveda

Food is an essential component for supporting life. Wholesome food is the cause for excellence in health and unwholesome is responsible for disease. Ayurveda has developed the wisdom of dietetics on the basis of various natural perceptions.

The diseases of skin often reflect the imbalance of dosha in the body as skin represents the substratum upon which the quality of ahara rasa, which is obtained from Ahara, is depicted upon.

Erroneous Diet and lifestyle have been implicated as chief factors for the onset, progression and recurrence of many skin diseases. To have a good healthy skin, one needs to follow Ayurvedic dietary guidelines. The importance of diet and dietics as how food should be taken and the sequence, the combinations of food item that may be harmful, must be kept in mind while taking food. The daily regimen and exercise pattern, diet and lifestyle in accordance with the season may also play a major role in our body and therefore on our skin. Dharniya and adharniya vega mentioned in Ayurveda should also be followed as they may affect our skin. There are many food related factors, as per your Prakriti which have a direct effect on the skin. The book published by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences on ‘Ayurveda based diet & life Style Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Skin Diseases’ will certainly help in this aspect.

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Dr Sumeet Goel