Importance of Body Massage (Abhyanga) in children according to Ayurveda

Indication of Abhyanga in children’s:

The Acharyas of Ayurveda have given prime importance to body massage in children right from the infant stage. Ghee and Taila (oil) are recommended for massaging the children. Oil is most commonly used as it has Vatahara properties. Vata function is closely related with function of nervous system. Vitiated Vata Dosha may cause many disorders affecting child growth and development adversely. Oil massage is helpful for better growth and development in children. One should do daily body massage in morning especially at head, ear and feet. Oil that can be used for body massage in children is Ksheer Bala Tail, Bala Tail, Sesame Oil, Balaswgandhadi Oil and Lakshadi oil etc.

Scientific aspects of Body Massage:

In newborn and children, application of oil reduces the stress, gives tactile stimulation, improves blood supply, protects from heat loss and also provides additional energy.

Body Massage increases secretion of human growth hormone (HGH) in children. HGH is promoter of normal growth. Body massage reduces the stress and improves sleep. Sound sleep is one of the important factors for normal Growth hormone secretion.


Dr Shobhit Kumar