YEAR 2013

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Effect of Pesin and S.I.V.A. combination in Methotrexate Induced Mitosis Inhilition
Dr. J.R. Krishnamurthy and S. Ranganathan
An Observational study under Tribal Health Care Research Programme at Gwalior District of Madya Pradesh
P. L. Bharati, Anil Mangal, Om Prakash & (Smt.) M.D. Gupta
A short term 12 weeks study on the "Role of Calotroris procera (Arka)" An Ayurvedic Drug In HIV/AIDS Patients
Dr. G.S. Chouhan
Efficacy and Safety of Netra Bindu for Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis
Dr. Meena Atray, Dr. K.P. Vyas and Dr. Jitendra Prasad
Clinical study on efficacy study on efficacy of Sattvavajay cikitsa in Psychiatric Disorder with special reference to Chittavasada
Vd. Dhirashing, S. Rajput, Vd. Vishal R. Jadhav and Vd. G.S. Tekale
Clinical evalutaion of Pippali Vardhamana Ksheerapaka and sameer Pannaga Ras in Amavata
Om Prakash, U.R. Sekhar Namburi and G. Babu
Clinical evaluation of efficacy of Parijata Patra Ghanavati in Vishama Jwara Vis-a-Vis Malaria WSR to Srotodusti
K. Bharathi, Kanchana S. Revathi. R. and Lavekar G.S.
Clinical evaluation of Naga Parpam in the management of Neerizhivu Noi (Diabetes Mellitus)
Dr. J. Annathai, Dr. G. Masilamani, Dr. E. Meenakshi Nathan, Dr. K. Ganapathi Raman and Dr. S. Rajalakshmi.