Constipation & Its Management

Constipation is the commonest problem faced in day to day life which may be caused by eating dry, stale or insufficient quantity of fibrous food, stress, journey, night awakening etc. Improper food habits lead to vitiation of Vata which makes the kitta (stools) harder in  Pakvashaya (large bowels). Lesser intake of water or other fluids may also result into constipation.

The common remedial measures may be following:

  1. One must try to make a definite schedule of one’s breakfast, lunch and dinner at proper times with proper spacing of interval in between.
  2. The food should be light, soft and digestible with proper amount of all constituents. Extra oily food or over dry food should be avoided.
  3. The dinner at late hours should be avoided. One may try to finish it before 9PM.
  4. A glass of warm milk (buffalo milk or good cream milk) at bed time may help.
  5. One spoon (5-10gm) of Gulkand (made from rose petals) at bed time consumed with a cup of milk may help relieving milder forms of constipation.
  6. Isabgol husk (5-7 gm) with warm milk may be consumed at bed time as a very gentle laxative.
  7. Trifala (Mixture of Harad, baheda and amla) powder (5-7 gm) if taken with warm water or warm milk at bed time may resolve the problem.
  8. The persons suffering from habitual constipation or those not responding with above measures may take Harad (Haritaki). 50 gm of Chhoti Harad (Terminalia chebula) may be roasted in a frying pan with one to two tea spoonful (5-10ml.) of Erand tail (Castor oil) which usually swells to its double after roasting. Saindha namak and black pepper may be added as per the choice. One to two pieces of this harad if taken after dinner may help the severe form of constipation.
  9. The seeds of Isabgol (10 gm.)may be soaked in a glass of warm water at 8 PM.Keep stirring. The seeds get softened and swell after 1-2 hours (depending upon the season). These soaked isabgol seeds with water may be engulfed at bed time for relieving constipation
  10. If there is absolute constipation (No fecal material excreted) or constipation associated with nausea/ vomiting/ pain abdomen; one may seek the help of a physician immediately.

In addition to the above,  the person should sleep well in time and wake up early in the morning. Morning walk, a glass of warm water in the morning with or without lemon are also helpful.


Dr.Bharti & Dr Adarsh Kumar