The Concept of Vegdharan in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient science that guides in maintaining a healthy mind and body. There are many secrets in Ayurveda knowledge for a happy living. There is a separate chapter called Navegandharniya, which gives keys to a happy life like the impulses to be avoided and not to be avoided.

The word Vega means natural urge and Dharan refers to suppression of natural urge. There are two types of natural urges Dharniya, are those which are to be avoided or suppressible urges. Adharniya are those which should not be avoided or non–suppressible urges. The root cause of many diseases lies in the excess of Dharaniya Vegas, such as Manasik Vega, Kayik Vega, Vachaik Vega etc.

Manasik Dharniya Vegas- meaning that they arise at our thought level and affect our behaviour. Therefore, the following of these needed to be suppressed by every human being:

  1. LOBHA (Greedings)
  2. SHOKA (Grief)
  3. BHAYA (Fear)
  4. KRODHA (Anger)
  5. NIRLAJATA (Shamelessness)
  6. IRSHYA ( Envy)
  7. ABHYASUYA ( Jealousy)
  8. MADA ( Arrogance)
  9. CHITTODVEGA ( Anxiety)
  10. VISHADA (don’t  harm to any one Physically)

Kayik Dharnaiya Vega-meaning that those things or bad Physical deeds should be avoided as follows

  1. PARA-STREE SAMBHOG ( Prostitution)
  2. CHORI (Stealing)
  3. HINSA ( Physical Voilence)

Vachik  Dharnaiya Vega-meaning that those things or bad speech deeds should be avoided as follows

  1. PARUSHY ( Don’t speak rubbish to anybody)
  2. ATIMNATRASYA SUCHAK (Don’t speak anybody secrete to another)
  3. ANRUTASYA ( Don’t speak lie)
  4. VAKYSYA AKALYUKTASYA (untimely talk)

These urges must be suppressed in order to maintain a sound mental health, and allow one to lead a virtuous life.

Dr. Kalpana Kachare