YEAR 2012

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The effect of Herbo-Mineral formulations in the management of Arsha (Haemorrttoids)
R. Govind Reddy Anil Mangal, A.D. Jadhav and G.S. Lavekar
Clinical evaluation of efficacy of Bakuchi (Psorelia corylifolia linn.) both internally and externally in the management of svitra roga (Vitiligo))
Dr. Sutapa Chakraborty and Prof. B.P. Shaw
A clinical evaluation of Madhukadi and Jatayadi taila alongwith standard Kshara Sutra therapy in the management of Bhagandara Fistula -in-Ano
Dr. Akhlesh Bhargava, Dr. Manoj Adlakha and Prof. H.K. Kushwaha
Clinical evaluation and comparative study of Shwitra kuthari Rasa and Shashilekha vati in the management of Shwitra Roga with special reference to Vitiligo
Dr. Nand Kishor Dadhich and Prof. Mahendra Singh Meena
Role of Amalaki Guggulu and Trikshiri Valkala Kwatha Yoni Prakshalana in the treatment of Shwetapradra (Leucorrhoea)
Dr. Goli Penchala Prasad, Dr. Amaranath, Dr. V.N. Lakshmi, Dr. T. Maheswar, Dr. A.J.V. Sai Prasad and G.K. Swamy
Role of Shunti Guggulu and Godanti Bhasma in the Treatment of Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Dr. S. Prakash and Sai Prasad
Assessment of Clinical problems faced in infentile patients during hysterosalpingograpy and their management with Ayurvedic treatment regimen
Dr. Kamyani Shukla, Dr. Kaumadi Karunagoda, Dr. R.D. Mehta and Prof. M.A. Pandya
Clinical evaluation of An Herbal compound drug in essential Hypertension
Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Tina Singhal and Dr. B.N. Upadhaya