Basant Ritucharya (Spring Season Regimen)


         There are six seasons (Ritus) Shishir, Basant, Grishma, Varsha, Sharad and Hemant. The three commencing with Shishir, Basant and Grishma together pertain to the northern solstice (Uttarayana) or Aadankala and the strength of people is taken away by the Sun during this period. During the Basant Ritu (Spring Season- mid March to mid May) the Kapha which undergoes an increase during previous cold season (Shishir) becomes liquefied by the heat of the Sun during this season. Consequently the digestive power (Agni) is diminished and may leads to different diseases. Therefore the Kapha should be controlled quickly by adopting following measures:

1.     Panchakarma Procedure:  

a.     Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis).

b.    Nasya (Nasal infiltration of Medicines).

2.     Diet:

a.     Laghu and Ruksha Aahar (light, dry eatables):

     i.       Barley (Yava)

     ii.       Wheat (Yodhuma)

     iii.       Honey (Kshodra)

     iv.       Meat roasted in fire (Shulya)

b.     Aasava (Fermented infusion)

c.     Arista (Fermented decoction)

d.    Mardveeka (Fermented grape juice)

e.     Madhavan (Honey water)

f.     Shringaberaambu (Water boiled with Ginger)

g.     Jaladaambu (Water boiled with Musta or nut grass)

3.     Lifestyle:

a.      Vayayam (Physical Exercises)

b.      Udvartan (Dry massage of body)

c.      Trampling

d.     Anoint the body with the paste of Karpura (Camphor), Chandan (Sandlewood), Aguru (Agar wood) and Kumkum (Saffron) after taking bath.

Relative Contradication:

     i) Divaswapan (Day sleep).

Dr. Vineeta Kumari Negi