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November 2018

1.  Lehan Karma In Ayurveda   -    Dr. Pravin Masram     12 November 2018

2.  Importance of Madhu (Honey) in Daily Routine (Dinacharya)  -    Dr. Neha Dubey     12 November 2018

3.  The Golden Rules of Eating- Unlock the Door towards a Healthy Life   15 November 2018

4.  Kitchen Garden Development with Magical Healing Touch of Ayurveda   15 November 2018

5.  Relieving Pain – The Ayurveda Way  22 November 2018

6.  Sleep – Perfect Repair Mechanism for Health   22 November 2018

7.  Uramarunnu- A Traditional Pediatric Health Care Practice  Dr. S. Asha        27 November 2018

8.  Ayurveda: Combating Depression Holistically   27  November 2018





















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