Be a Woman: Follow womanhood as per Ayurveda

 As per present changing lifestyle, physical and mental stress, many women in the reproductive age group suffers from various conditions related to menstrual cycle like menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, irregular menses, PCOD, endometriosis etc. result of which end up in infertility, the most disrespectful condition for womanhood.  Hence an urgent need is seen to educate the society regarding the various Paricharyas (mode of living) put forth in Ayurveda in order to maintain the Doshas (bodily humors), which in turns maintain Health and hormonal balance. Most neglected Paricharya–‘Rajaswala Paricharya (Life style to be followed during Menstruation Period)’ if it followed during these days, it will helps women to respond healthily to the drastic physical and mental changes during menstrual cycle and in relieving symptoms associated with it.

What Ayurveda says about Rajaswala / Ritumati Paricharya: 
1. Sleeping during day time.
2. Application of Anjana (Kajal), crying, massaging, laughing, talking too much and exercise. 
3. Swedana (hot fomentation), Vamana (induced emesis) and Nasya Karma (nasal insufflations). 
4. Taking Katu (pungent), Ushna (hot), Tikshana (spicy), Amla (sour), Lavana (salty), Atisnigdha (too oily) and Atiguru (heavy to digest) food. 
5. Coitus
6. Decorate one self, not wear ornaments. 
1. Always concentrate on positive thoughts and auspicious things. 
2. Eat food in less quantity (Stoka-Anna), follow prescribed diet (Hitkara-Ahara) and Havishya-Anna.
3. Should be sleep over bed made up of Darbha (specific sacred leaf plant spread over ground) / hard bed. 
These are advocated for a better life style and healthy woman.  

Dr. Rajkala Patil.