YEAR 1987

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Page No.
Volume-8 No-1,2
Pulses more protective against peptic ulcer: An experimental study investigating the Role of Certain Indigenous Diets on Peptic Ulcer and Gastric Secretion
K.P. singh, R.H. Singh
1 to 16
Effect of Masha Taila on Peptic Activity, Total Cholesterol and Electrophoretic Pattern of Serum Proteins in Hemiplegic Patients
R. Bhaskaran Nair, B. Ravishankar, N.P. Vijayan, P.K.N. Namboodiri, T.V. Menon, V.N. Saraswathy, P.T. Pankajavally, S. Sulochana
17 to 29
Clinical Evaluation of Ayurvedic preparation in vitiligo
R. Ramachandran, M.N.S. Namboodiri, P. Madhavikutty, V.A. Prabhakaran
30 to 38
Kitibha and its management with special references to Jalaukavacharana
R.H. Rajeshwari, G.G. Hiremath
39 to 45
Therapeutic effect of Coconut shell extract in dermatophytosis
P.K. sudarsana Nair, N.G.K. Pillai, P.B. Kurup, C.P.R. Nair
46 to 52
Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant effect of Strobilanthes heyneanus Nees. Stem.
B.Ravishankar, R. Bhaskaran Nair, N.P. Vijayan, P.T. Pankajavally, C.K. Sasikala, S. Sulochana
53 to 63
Tetratological evaluation of two Ayurvedic Medicines, Visamusti vati and Suddha Tankana in Rats
N. Sethi, D. Nath, R.K. Singh, R. Dayal
64 to 69
Anticancerous reagents from some selected Indian Medicinal Plants I: screening studies against Sarcoma 180 ascites
S.C. Jain, M. Purohit
70 to 73
A Holistic Approach Towards Anxiety and Tension Related Probles s.
Mrs. G. Sahasi, Pandit Shanbunath
74 to 78
Volume-8 No-3,4
Clinical Evaluation of the effect of Avipattikaracurna in the treatment of Amlapitta-non-Ulcer Dyspepsia
Prem Kishore, N.S. Tiwari, M.K. Chaturvedi
81 to 89
Clinical evaluation of snehapana in comparison to Samana therapy with Mahatiktaka Ghrita in Parinamasula (Duodenal Ulcer)
P.K. Warrier, P.P.N. Bhattathiri, P. Radhakrishnan, P.Balachandran
90 to 105
Kaphavatatmakavetau Pittasthana Samudbhhavau – A Critical Conceptual Study
A.R.V. Murthy, R.H. Singh
106 to 112
Pharmacological screening of Strobilanthes heyneanus Nees. Root.
B.Ravishankar, R. Bhaskaran Nair, C.K. Sasikala, Sulochana
113 to 128
Certain influencing factors of treatment in Siddha Medicine
T. Anandan, G. Veluchamy
129 to 133
Studies on the Khadirarishta Prepared according to textual and modified Method
Muzaffer Alam, K.K.S. Dasan, S. Joy, R.G. Hemsaveni, K.K. Purushothaman
134 to 139
Associated Medical problems in Psoriatics (A statistical analysis based on laboratory and Clinical parameters)
Kalavathy Kamalkar Rao, Mrs. R. Chellammal, G. Sivanandan, J.R., Krishnamurthy, G. Veluchamy
140 to 146
Studies on Cancer in Ayurveda and its management
G.C. Prasad
147 to 167
Treatment of Bronchial Asthma
P.B. Mathur
168 to 172