YEAR 2001

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Title of Article
Author Name
Page No.
Volume-22 No-1,2
Clinical experimental research study on certain herbal, mineral and metal compound used in Siddha Medicine – for management of Venpadai – vitiligo
J.R. Krishnamoorthy, S. Ranganathan
1 to 11
Clinical effect of BG Formula on Venpadai (Leucoderma)
R.M.S. Bajwa, M.V. Acharya, D. Sudhakar, P. Bansal, H.R. Singha
12 to 16
A Study on dry eye syndrome Shushkakshipaka/Parishuskha Netra and its Management
N. Srikanth, K.K. chopra
17 to 24
Trial of AYUSH-64 and Saptaparna Ghanavati on Microfilaremia – A Clinical Study
G.K. Swamy, P.P.N. Bhattathiri, A..Narayana, T. Bikshapathi, S.N. Prasad
25 to 34
Controlled clinical trial of Jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus Willd.) in cases of Depressive Illness
Shekhar Baranwal, Sanjay Gupta, R.H. Singh
35 to 47
Study on Interrelationship between medoroga (Obesity) and Pramesha (DM)
Priyadarshini Gedam, B.N. Upadhyaya
48 to 57
Clinial evaluation of some Ayurvedic formulations vis-à-vis pancakarma therapy in the management of Pakshavaddha (Hemiplegia)
P.K.S. Nair, P.K.N. Namboodiri, N.S. Tewari
58 to 80
A Clinical study on Ayurvedic management of Chronic daily Headache with special Reference to Sirodhara and Sirovirecana
Rajika Gupta, R.H. Singh
81 to 94
Management of Chronic Sinusitis with Classical Ayurvedic Formulation
J. Nath, P.K. Panda
95 to 102
The Clinical effect of SA Formula on Venpadai (Leucoderma)
M.V. Acharya, Praveen Bansal, Rajesh Sannd
103 to 109
Standardisation of Method of Manufacture – Arjunarista
J.K. Pattana Shetty, T. Bikshpathi, B. Vijayalakshmi
110 to 113
Conservative management of Butterfly fracture of pubic – ramus with Ayurvedic medicament – A case report
Mrutyunjay panda, Rabinarayan Tripathy
114 to 117
The Actions and uses of indigenous ophthalmic Drugs written by N. Srikanth 
K.D. Sharma
118 to 119
Volume-22 No-3,4
Therapeutic effect of Vaitarana Vasti (VAngasena) in Inter Vertebral Disc Prolapse with Sciaica and Related problems
P.K.S. Nair, P. Madhavikutty, P.K.N. Namboodiri, N.S. Tewari
120 to 130
Management of Amavata with some Ayurvedic Formulation : A Clinical Evaluation
Bikartan Das, M.M. Padhi, N. Srikanth, A.R. Nair, K.K. Chopra
131 to 144
Efficacy, Safety an Tolerbility of High Doses of Bhallataka in the Management of Gridhrasi (Sciatica)
P. Madhavikutty, K. Shanthakumari, P. Ramachandran Nair, N.P. Vijayan, N.S. Tewari
145 to 160
Essential trace element and mineral contents of some Ayurvedic Bhasmas and their role on human metabolism and oral glucose tolerance test
Ajit Kar, B.K. Choudhary, N.G. Bandyopadhyay
161 to 169
Clinical Study on Balya effect of Vidanga Compound with reference to infant's immunity
Bikram Keshari Harichandan
170 to 182
Clinical evaluation of the effect of Amrita-Pippali-Nimba yoga in Diabetes Mellitus with special reference to the role of Agni and Ojas
P.S. Mehra, R.H. Singh
183 to 197 
A study of Psychiatric Symptoms of Geriatric Patients and the response to Ayurvedic Therapy
K.K. Dwivedi, Sudhir Agarwal, R.H. Singh
198 to 207
Effect of an Ayurvedic Compound drug (Triphala Guggulu) – in Diabetic Retinopathy
A.K. Singh, M. Sahu, Shrikant
208 to 215
Effect of Terminalia Arjuna W. & A. on Regression of LVH in Hypertensives – A Clinical Study
B. Chandra Sekhara Rao, R.H. Singh, K. Tripathi
216 to 227
Individuals at Risk coronary Heart Disease (CHD) prevention and management by an indigenous Compound
Aruna Agrawal, S.P. Dixit, G.P. Dubey
228 to 242