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September 2018

1.  Important medicinal facts about Changeri (Oxalis corniculata L.)   -    Dr. S. Asha     12 September 2018

2.  Varsha Kala Charya   -     Dr. G. Babu     12 September 2018

3.  Vayasthapana & Rasayana  -     Dr. Sudhakar D. & Dr. Thejaswini C.       17 September 2018

4.  Eight Important Rules to achieve healthy effects of Food   -    Dr. Ekta      17 September 2018

5.  Importance Of Vasti  In Gynaecological Disorders    -    Dr. Neelam Kumari Singh     17 September 2018

6.  Importance of Time in Digestion an Ayurvedic Perspective    -     Dr. Ekta      24 September 2018

7.  Vegetables for prevention and management of Metabolic Diseases   -   Dr. Raghvendra Naik     24 September 2018

8.  Etiopathogenesis and Prevention of Grahani Roga    -   Dr.Bijit Das     24 September 2018



















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