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July 2018

1. Psoriasis - An Agonizing skin disease    -    Dr Ranjita Ekka     06 July 2018

2. Constipation & Its Management   -   Dr. Bharti & Dr Adarsh Kumar      06 July 2018

3. The Concept of Vegdharan in Ayurveda    -   Dr. Kalpana Kachare       13 July 2018

4. Viruddha Ahara (Incompatible Diet)     -     Dr. Lalita Sharma           13 July 2018

5. Less known facts about the health benefits of Basella alba    -    Dr. Shubhashree M.N.      26 July 2018

6. Rasayana (Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy)     -    Dr. P. Srinivas      26 July 2018



















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