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June 2018

1.  Pratimarsha Nasya   -    Prof. Vd. K.S. Dhiman    8 June 2018

2.  Concept of Rasayan and common Rasayana   -  Dr Mukesh Chincholikar     11 June 2018

3.  Manage and prevent your Skin problems with Ayurveda  -  Dr Sumeet Goel     11 June 2018

4.  Basti Karma (medicated enema) in Ayurveda   -  Dr Sree Deepthi    18 June 2018

5.  Embrace Ayurveda To Fight Insomnia   -  Dr Deepshikha    25 June 2018

6.  Importance of Nidra (sleep) in day to day life  -  Dr Jeuti Rani Das     25 June 2018

7.  Importance of Panchkarma in improving General Health   -   Dr Vanmala B. Wakode     29 June 2018

8.  Importance of Body Massage (Abhyanga) in children according to Ayurveda   -  Dr Shobhit Kumar       29 June 2018



















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