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May 2018

1.  Role of Ahara in Promotion of Health   -   Dr. Lalita Sharma                  10 May 2018
2.  Advantages Of Abhyanga (External Snehana)   -   Dr. Deepa Sharma     10 May 2018
4.  Oro-Dental Health (Dental Care) Through Ayurveda   -  Dr. Masram Pravin R.     18 May 2018
5.  Some important Medicinal uses of Dhanyaka (Dhaniya)   -   Dr. Seema Jain         24 May 2018
6.  Some important Medicinal uses of Nimb (Neem)  -   Dr. Seema Jain                    24 May 2018
7.  Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases- An Ayurveda Advocacy   -   Dr. Sophia Jameela      24 May 2018
8.  Important uses of Dalchini   -   Dr. Vipin Sharma    31 May 2018














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